Video Instagram Feature for Helping Small Businesses

Instagram was a social upstart, which has been purchased by Facebook during 2012 and now having a strong and increasing user base. Youngsters, adults and even celebrities spend a good amount of time on this domain. It seizes a significant demographic.

Since Facebook purchased Instagram, the platform has grown by around 30 million users to now have above 130 million! The concept of Instagram is very simple and easy to understand. 

It uploads, customizes and shares videos through the mobileapp with ease of sharing to other popular social networks, and has the ability to follow and comment on photos of other users.

Instagram is a natural and popular method of sharing and communicating in online through images and media. It is known as a ‘go-to’ app for mobile users who want to share and customize their photos.

Recently, Instagram brought out a fully new video feature for the mobile app. The new addition is combined with the ease of sharing Instagram photos to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter that already existed. This makes Instagram an online tech tool that business people and SEO experts must explore.

Users are given with the ability to easily erase a segment within a video before making the final version. This great feature helps users to have a clear idea about if second take is necessary. Video feature allow users to place filters that is similar to their photo options for making a unique style for their video.

Video Instagram feature also plays in-line on Facebook similar to YouTube and local Facebook videos. This great feature provides a seamless experience on the most used and largest social networks in the world. When Instagram videos are shared on Facebook, the platform users can watch them right away on Facebook without logging out from the domain.

As the app is owned by Facebook this is not a surprising matter however, it is significant as it makes available the use of Instagram not only to Instagram users but also the massive audience on Facebook.

Small as well as large entrepreneurs are offered with the ability to enable their businesses the skill to create videos once and use in many places. This feature is worth to busy entrepreneurs who need to maximize the use of their marketing time. 

The effectiveness of the marketing can be further enhanced by buying real and active Instagram followers at the best possible prices. Important thing to consider while buying is the reliability of the company from which the followers are bought so that one can get the maximum benefits out of it.

Tips for Choosing Right WordPress Hosting for your Blog

The wordpress is a well-known blogging script which is being used by thousands of blogger. In fact, this script is being used for variety of purposes because it provides really very facilitating features which makes it highly reliable and preferable for the website owners all around the world.

It is really very convenient in use and it has all that a blogger or a website owner requires to run their website perfectly. 

Its features are just outstanding and that is why some people say that this script is heavier than other scripts. It requires much more bandwidth and performance of hosting than other websites and that is why the wordpress hosting has been developed so that the wordpress website owners could get best solution in cost worthy prices!

Well, there are so many companies which are providing wordpress hosting but not all of them are preferable. Some of them provide less reliable service and their services do not actually meet to the wordpress website requirements! 

So, now the question is, “How to choose a reliable and cheap wordpress hosting and how to select one from the various available hosting service providers options?”.

Let me tell you that I personally use Hostgator as one of my best favorite hosting for building various Wordpress niche sites. And it works very well for me. You can check Hostgator Webhosting Review in detail here to know more about them.

Here I am sharing with you some tips that will help you to do so and you will definitely get right assistance for finding best company for your wordpress websites hosting related purposes.

Trust and reputation: 

This is the main thing that you should seek in the company. Research on the internet and find at least five companies which are providing this service under your budget and then check the company’s cliental reviews because this will help you to find out the fact of their service’s professionalism.

Choose The Best: 

You should compare all the available options and then you should see their reputation and price ranges. This will help you to find out best service Provider Company and then you would be able to get best services under your budget. And most importantly, never give your preferences to the company which is providing lower costs services and has bad reputation on the internet because this could be a scam.


Make sure you check the type of hosting and then choose the right one according to your requirement. Well, the dedicated or managed hosting are considered to be best and highly suitable for all the purposes so if you have no idea about your requirements then choose one of them.

What Is The Advantage Of Using Wifi Analyzer Tool?

WiFi is one of the most commonly used feature and it is used for multiple different purposes. There are people who use it for wireless connectivity for devices and people connect it for internet and there are numerous other uses of it.

However, the freedom and comfort of using wifi is completely defined by the wifi speed and if you are curious about your wifi speed then you should definitely consider installing wifi analyzer in your device. 

Your device will not cause any wifi problem for you if you will do proper analysis of wifi connection.

The wifi connection connectivity is the only thing that allows you to enjoy all the features of wifi without any inconvenience. However, if you are facing inconvenience then the only thing that you will need to change is your preferences for wifi maintenance. 

You just need to download the wifi analyzer application which will give you everything that is necessary for you to maintain best connection for your device. You will no longer face any unexpected issues in connectivity.

This is the simplest thing to do for you device. The wifi analyzer is amazing wifi networking tool which will allow you to maintain best connectivity without fail. You will just need to visit Google play store and you can get this application from the play store for free. 

Your device will become all-rounder and perfect with this simple application installation! So, what are you waiting for? Simply visit Google play store and get this amazing wifi networking tool in your device right now!

How to Take a Website Screenshot Easily?

It is very common on the web to take screenshot of a website. However, you may not know how to take a website screenshot easily. Here we provide you some proven ways and tools for easy screenshot capturing. Make use of these tools and get some wonderful screenshots. 

Website screenshot using plugins

There are many plugins for capturing website screenshots that work on particular platforms or browsers. 

Some popular and established tools include Pearl Crescent Page Saver, Picnik for Firefox, Snissa for Firefox, Screengrab, ieSnapshotter for internet explorer and many others.

Individual programs

Snaglt: This standalone program integrates with Firefox and replaces the conventional windows print screen function. You can produce profiles for different purposes using this wonderful program. Use its free trial version before you buy it for a cost.

WebShot: This program enables you to take screenshots and thumbnails of a whole website or web pages. It has a powerful command line function that allows you automatically take the screenshots.

FastStone Capture: This program has a floating control panel and enables you to take screenshots of anything including objects, windows, rectangle areas, full screen and even freehand selected areas.

Paparazzi!: This application is designed for Mac OS X that allows you capturing screenshots of web pages easily and correctly.

PrintKey: This is a more sophisticated version that replaces conventional print screen function. However, it has older, freeware version that you can use even in unsupported version.

InstantShot: This advanced program for Mac OS X is located on the menu bar and provides a lot of screen capturing options including taking screenshots of a region, hotkeys, image scaling, different output formats and many more.

I4X Screencatcher: This application allows you to capture screenshot on computer of the active window, whole screen or the chosen area.

Web based programs

Thumbalizr: This program allows you to capture images of websites by simply pasting its URL.

WebShotsPro: You have to enter a URL on the given box and get the screenshot of the website quickly. The only downside of this program is that you may face a long queue before getting the screenshot.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung has definitely created a niche market for its smart phones in the world mobile phone market, and with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, it has definitely shown to other smart phone manufacturers that it still has a lot of new tricks up its sleeves.

Below is the Samsung Galaxy S4 review which will provide you some insight on what this latest Smartphone has to offer?

Design of the Phone & Build

On first look this Smartphone looks like a hybrid of the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3. The two colours available for this phone are “white frost” and “black mist” which though ordinary, but are very stylish to look at. Samsung plans to launch more colours for this phone in the near future.

The rear of the phone carries the same plastic frame, as found with the S3, but then it has a very attractive design. The phone is light and thin, with the same weighing some 130 Gms only.


The model comes packed with 1.9 GHz Snapdragon quad core processor, and has a 2 GB Ram space which is very impressive. The storage is in line with other smart phones at options of 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB given to buyers. The Micro SD card slot can be expanded too.

The screen is full HD with Super AMOLED screen and has a pixel per inch density of 441, which is very impressive again. The phone comes with various kinds of connectivity like NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and will also support the 4G LTE network (wherever available).


As per the smartphones comparison made it has been found that the operating system remains Android, with the 4.2 Jelly Bean versions being provided with this phone. The interface of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been kept similar to the S3, thus making it easier for people to get accustomed to the phone. There is numerous software features provided with the phone, which the users of the phone would love.

One can easily preview and also scroll by content on the phone by using the Air Gesture or the Air View feature that the phone packs in. In case, while watching a video you have to look away from the screen that then screen pauses automatically, as this phone comes with the Smart Screen technology too.


The rear camera stands at 13 MP, and the front facing one is 1.9 MP makes the cameras good to begin with. There are various modes using which the user can click various kinds of pictures and videos using the phone. The camera also works well while shooting moving objects.

APKBucket: A Reliable APK Downloader

Android phone users keep installing and experimenting different apps and games from the Google Play Store. These apps are installed automatically and become visible on phones when clicking the install button. Fortunately, there is another great way to install apps, games and even wallpaper on your device without using Google Play Store. And, that is APK downloader from!

You may know what do APK files mean. It is a special file format that works like an EXE on a windows computer. It is much like an executable program that installs apps on an Android device. APKbucket allows you to set up your device to install apps that exist on Google Play Store. is a reliable source for these files. You just need to type the package ID or Google play store URL of the app you want to install. 

This great website does good antivirus checks and verifies the app files being uploaded there. Unlike other non-reliable sources that design viruses and malware and access your device’s camera, contact lists, etc and breach your privacy, Apkbucket ensures you that you won’t have any such issues as long as you download APK files from this reliable source.

APKBucket APK Downloader is a great tool allowing you to download your favorite APK files of free apps and games. The tool supports free apps and games only, however if you are using a paid app or game, the tool will support to download the package in near future. APKbucket stores fetched APKs on their servers and provide them when it is needed. This helps avoid service abuse of Android market.

When you find an older APK version, just check the option ‘force to check for the latest version’ and you will be able to re-fetch the APK. Apkbucket support automated tasks to update their APK archive daily in order to ensure that APK files you download are not outdated.

IP Widget HTML Code Generator

Make Your Website Look Appealing By Adding IP Widget

A widget as we all know is a small program that runs on the desktop always, and the one that replaces the necessity of constantly visiting a website to get common or related information. 

The IP address, a person is using and its detailed information like the region, country, city and the co-ordinate on the map can be traced with a certain application called the IP widget. 

This application also provides a widget totally free for the website that helps to show the complete IP details of the visitor for that particular website.

IP address is the numerical method of identifying a person’s computer in the web or internet. IP widget script is a part of finding the IP address where it shows the IP information of the visitor on the blog or site. 

With the free widget script or IP Widget HTML Code Generator one can show the IP address details of IP information on the blog as well as the site.

This IP Widget HTML Code Generator or application can also control how to show the IP address information of the visitor on the website. You can also preview as well as modify its appearance using the widget. 

The main advantage of IP widget is that it can track and show visitors IP address when they make a visit to your website.

IP widget is a small piece of code that can be placed on your blog or website as discussed earlier. It is easy to use a widget even if you are not used to programming and there is no need to fiddle with the generator codes.

The installation is also easy and simple as all you need to do is to install it as it is very simple as copying as well as pasting the code to your blog or website in the place where you want the widget to appear. 

For more information please log on to the website Keep a track of the visitors to your website with IP Widgets.