How to Publish Your Book with Amazon Ebook Publishing

With great enthusiasm you have completed writing a book, Congratulations!! Now what is the question that you have got stuck?

Well, many beginner level writers experience the same trauma of "now what", but there is an easy way out to your difficulty.

Since; there are hardly that type of crowd remaining which is interested in buying books as everything is available in Ebook format.

You too can publish your ebook, of course the first thing in your mind that have crossed is the price.

Well what if I say there is an inexpensive way to get your work done unlike the traditional book publishing, an ebook publishing is affordable. 

The Amazon ebook publishing is one that does all the magic.

Amazon has got the service for the people for which they charge very nominal letting them to convert their documents, PDF files and other such to Kindle files.

To explain in a simpler way lets understand with an example. Let's say there is this one famous writer who publishes his books regularly through traditional publishing, obviously for any beginner level writer to beat his competition is not just tough but impossible.

So what this novice writer has to do is approach Kindle ebook conversion technique to get the better sales. With this excellent online opportunity you can convert to mobi format which is a standard and user friendly format used to convert your books to Kindle. 

So what does it says to you? When you publish your own book through Amazon ebook publishing, you are eligible to receive up to 75% of the royalties for the books value over 3 dollars or more.

This becomes a huge amount compared to those traditional publishing. Publishing your ebook on Amazon do not require an agent and is best way to make passive income online. You just have to know it working style and you are on the way to publish your book.

Now that it is easy with the Kindle book coversion through which you can speedily convert the books to Kindle friendly ebooks. This process helps you earn the kind of fame and name as these days people prefer to read ebook than traditional paper backs books.

And within few hours, your book will be published globally for the users to read. 

7 Best Blogs to Follow for Wholesalers

On the internet today, there are lots of wholesaler’s blog you can follow, but if you haven’t made up your mind, we assure you it is not going to be an easy task. In today’s article, we have compiled a list of 7 best blogs to follow for wholesalers.

Here are the seven best blogs you need to follow as a wholesaler


This wholesalers’ business blog features hundreds of archives about the small business trends and issues. 

If you’re thinking to start a business, or you’re an entrepreneur, then this site will be a great benefit in many ways. 

You will find the expert talks, blogs, and expert talks about small business related topics.

What we liked most about the EMERGE App is that it takes control of your workflow and inventory management, and helps communicate better with your staff. Hence giving you the opportunity to deal with other things that matter.


Well, is one of the best blog wholesalers should follow. It is the web’s leading business trade platform for locating the importers, wholesalers, distributors and drop shippers. What we loved most about this blog is that you can easily connect with the buyers as well as suppliers.

So whether you’re trying to decide to enter into the wholesale market via importing, manufacturing, or dropshipping, the will provide your hands on tested methods, communication tactics, trade shows, and tips which will save you an infinite amount of money and time.


The Wholesale Masterminds is another great blog you need to follow as wholesalers. If you are stuck and unable to break through the same sales position, you have been in for years, or you are just getting started with wholesale business, then this site can do the trick. 

Mark Sanborn is the mastermind behind all this, and he believes that we all have to work hard in realizing our full potentials. In his episodes, he shares his thoughts on how to make that happen. So if you’re wholesalers and want to improve both the process and outcome of your practices, then this blog is just for you.

4. The KissMetrics Blog

We did an extensive research about the KissMetrics blog and realized that it is a high-powered blog packed with real, useful information about analytics and marketing. 

The articles you will be offered here are essential and are well-worth the time you will spend reading them. So if you’re wholesalers and don’t know much about marketing and analytics, then this place is just for you.

5. The Buffer Blog

Here you will find articles on productivity, lifehacks, and business. It is not specifically about wholesalers, but the concepts are highly-applicable to any entrepreneur hoping to supplement their creativity and productivity in business.

6. Harvard Business Review

Here you will find excellent content about entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, management, and other topics. The best part about Harvard business review is that the articles are written by a group of experts and authors who examine all aspects of building a growth engine for the firm.


The is another site you should consider. If you’re getting started in real estate investing, you are in the right place. Here you will learn various management tactics and tips on how to get your business going.

Video Instagram: A Way To Attract More Followers

The new video feature is an important Instagram advancement to provide short, valuable, custom and easy to develop rich media clips. It’s a great way to share something useful to your followers and also to boost up your Instagram followers in no time.

Video Instagram feature is a perfect tool for companies to make a quick walk-through of their latest products and services. 

Retailers are also allowed to display special offers and new products to draw more traffic to their store.

Hence, the new video feature provides a great chance in bite-size multimedia nuggets for a company to visual its culture, features and style. 

This helps a lot in distinguishing a company from its competitor.

Video Instagram comes with the following features:

Length: Video Instagram offers around 15 seconds of video recording, which is perfect for a quick promotion to display different business items including;

  • New product and special offers
  • Live video from a conference or tradeshow
  • Footage promoting a future event
  • Daily work life to display culture and reinforce branding

Hence, the 15 second video recording feature will capture interest, help users to take a quick overview and hold the attention of viewers. This is therefore one of the best tricks to get more followers on Instagram quickly.

Geo-location tags: Instagram images and videos are equipped with the geo-location tags feature. This is a great element as it informs us where we live and the area we visit. Hence, we are indicated about our income and buying habits! Video Instagram feature is expected to bring into a bunch of new data from geotags.

In addition to this, Facebook’s advertising tools allow businesses to directly target users on the basis on their offline spending history. When you place more suitable ads to the Facebook platform, you will able to help users to get less upset by the ads.

Cover image selection: Video Instagram offers an additional core feature that enables users to scroll through stills from the video and pick up the best cover image for the video in an easy manner. This great feature helps you tempt your audience to click through to watch the video and it lets customization of the first impression.

Instagram video feature is a recently launched option and has earned a vast amount of potential users. With already more than 130 million users and an active user base, video Instagram brings in certain rich possibilities for small and medium size businesses.

Things To Look For Before Buying Web Hosting

There are number of key areas that you should think about when considering to buy a good web hosting. Getting the best servers can provide you best performing website that can eventually help increase your earnings and profits day by day.

Buying a hosting at a good server is not a big deal nowadays. You can get these servers even for your small and new business. As the prices of hosting have much lowered in recent years, it is now possible for small business owners to get these servers and enjoy the benefits.

However there are number of things that you should consider while buying web hosting. As this will be a long term investment for you and determines your success rate, it is must that you look around and choose the best for your business. Here are some of the points that will help you choose the best web hosting.

It is certain that what you pay is what you get for. Therefore if you are looking for getting a high performing website with quick loading time, you should always insist on buying a good reliable web hosting. When your site responds fast, you can get extra visitors and traffic and hence can increase your revenues. Performance is one such great thing which people consider when they buy web hosting.

However if you are worried about the high prices that comes with reliable hosting options, there is a good news for you. Websites such as iHosting.Coupons can provide you good deals, coupons and discounts which can help you in getting reliable most hosting at a best affordable price. 

People get extra high security with their own servers and so one can go with buying dedicated servers locally. Like if you are planning to start an online business in UK you should choose UK based web hosting so that it helps in ranking better in UK. This will help you get better traffic locally. These are however bit expensive than a normal web hosting but the advanced features you get are just awesome and profitable. 

This will run only your own website and you if you want you can shut down essential ports on the machine. You can also restrict any IP address with this server. Also if you want you can get dedicated hardware firewall for a bit additional cost that provides you further peace of mind.

It has been seen that the firm that offers web hosting services also offers services like domain name registration. Getting a domain for your website from them makes it easy for you to manage all the domains and hosting from just single account. And also you can crack a better deal when you buy all the things at one place.

Getting a best domain and host services can help you in growing your business very fast and easy. Not only can you serve your customers the best but also can make better profits in long run.

Improving Your Alexa Rank with Social Media Management Services

Alexa rank tool offers you a way to judge your websites’ performance and popularity. It is one of the greatest tool for many advertisers before they opt for advertising on particular website. 

Improving your website's Alexa rank is not a big deal if you are really passionate towards your online business. There are many ways that you can try out to improve your Alexa ranking. 

You can go for to promote your blog and try out other better ways for marketing that can give you subsequent improvement. With the better marketing strategies you will surely see improved Alexa ranking slowly.

First and the foremost thing that you should concentrate on is the regular blog content. If you are providing regular content to your visitors you will experience automatic blog promotion for your blog. More and more people will link to you and help you in getting better rankings.

Secondly you can try out social marketing, article marketing and various other marketing strategies that can help for blog promotion which can dramatically improve your Alexa rankings. Social networking and bookmarking is a great way to market your blog effectively. It also helps you in getting the search engine traffic by improving your search engine rankings.

Social Media Management Services like offered by can help you deal with all your social media campaigns without you worrying about its management. From setting up the social media accounts to creating and managing the content for your social media visitors, all is done professionally by their team. 

This will help you in gaining better Alexa rankings in very less time. Overall, by hiring professional services like these you can help your online business achieve its profit goals very easily.

Writing and blogging about Alexa rankings and its systems can also improve your rankings. This not only helps Alexa promotion but also help you to get better blog promotion for your blog. More and more people like your posts and share it with their friends. This will help you to grow in your blogging business.

Many people also try out various tricks for their blog promotion. They think that it can also help them to improve their Alexa rank. They try out auto surfers and auto traffic methods by which they get major traffic that is not targeted at all. May be you see an improved Alexa rank this way but it will be the temporary and you may see the drop down soon.

USB Spotlight for Your Working Desk: Why You Should Get One?

Are you considering buying a lamp for your home office or desktop? Well, USB based office lamps of USB spotlight can be a wonderful addition to your home office or commercial space.

USB devices that can be operated using a USB port in a computer, laptop or other gadgets are most popular these days and comes at a most affordable price range. These devices offers you the great convenience and easy usage even on the go! It is ideal for people that work on computer at their offices or at home desk usually at nights.

The best thing about using USB spot light is there is no need of any electric circuit or power, as it works through the USB Power supply. These lights for your working desk are handy and can be moved along at the time of travel. Also it consumes very less energy which is even less than a standard light bulb.

Using USB spotlights actually makes you work easily by providing enough light at source without disturbing anyone else. Since there are several available in the market it makes it bit intimidating which one to choose. Just make sure that you choose the one that suits your requirement well and good.

However, if you are planning to make one at home, it is one of the best options for you. It is better for you to consult an expert that can guide you the method. Or by finding online you can get some super easy ways to make your own DIY spotlight without any problem.

You can find some easy ways for making your own USB batman styled spotlight here at:

Digital Art and Graphic Designing: Growing Popularity and Trends

Digital art is a complicated and intricate work to produce. It is not just a type of art which we often see online. It's a full fledge industry now. Graphic designers who have the skills to make a simple graphic into art are now the builders of this industry. The talent we see in this industry is just impeccable.

Thus only experts and knowledgeable people can make the digital art graphics into something that is sellable in the open markets. Few years ago, only industries or institutions were interested in investing in basic products of digital arts, but now public also like it. And for this reason various individuals came into this field and are working as a freelancers to earn living. 
Abstract art prints are also a variety of digital art, which is picking up pretty fast amongst the customers. 

There are some particular key basics to the process of artwork in any art form like abstract art prints to even digital art as a whole. 

There is a technique called vector which is used to create artwork with the help of software like freehand and coral draw.

The images produced are flamboyant as around thousands of colors can be chosen from the software palette and the shapes and patterns available there are also mind blowing at the same time. These are mostly used for creating advertisements and other mass media products.

Other techniques to create digital artwork are like fractals, mixed media and digital painting. All the above said techniques have some distinct qualities which is why only one form of particular artwork is created by them at one time.

Fractals have been re-emerging since a few years by now. It works when there is a zoom option available on the screen. The minute details of the images are seen through the hand tool only. There are three main aspects for fractals as such, like setting the parameters of the software, executing the long calculations inside and at the end the evaluation of the final outcome. The end result is mostly a very pretty example of digital art.

Mixed media and digital painting are two different techniques which make use of some other techniques too. Thus we can say they can't be use in isolation. They need a supplementary tool to get the work done perfectly.

Author bio: Author is a freelance graphic designer who is a really a fan of free graphic design tool known as Pixteller. This is an awesome tool for designers which can help them in designing engaging images, posters, banners, social media covers, graphics for print, etc. The best part of this easy to use tool is it’s free of cost and can be used by anyone.