Advantages of Using Premium WordPress Themes for Your Blogs

WordPress is the most effective platform for making websites. Here the powerful software application is used for creating unique websites or blogs. 

The software is beneficial as it does not involve the use of knowing HTML programing. You can just add the themes of your choice to make wonderful websites within few minutes. 

The themes are comprised of templates and data and can manage any part of a site. Most of these themes are diverse and can be used in as many websites as you want. 

Themes available for free can be found in several columns and styles with various size ranges.

The free themes available are a pleasant blend of good contents, professional layout along with other useful functional features. 

However one most disadvantageous part of using free themes is it comes with certain restrictions.

Most of these themes also have a developer’s link at the bottom which is not good for seo and at the same time does not look professional. Some of the free themes also affect your website negatively as they contains viruses and other malwares.

Although free themes are good for beginners, using premium WordPress themes is always recommended if you want to work professionally with your websites and are seeking long term benefits and growth.

These premium WordPress blog themes guarantee that a website will look appealing and professional to the eyes of your visitors. They are packed with usability to unsure that the site fulfils all the purposes of the user.

These WordPress themes are developed professionally with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Ajax along with other classy coding techniques to guarantee the quality of a particular template and of the web site, as well. The templates are also responsive meaning that they will automatically fit into the screen sizes of any handheld device.

Premium WordPress themes are also customizable and are very easy to arrange, which suits and satisfies the artistic interest of any individual. These themes are updated regularly to be protected from hackers, bugs and viruses.

With so many advantages coming your way with premium themes, why compromise with free ones. Upgrade your website now and choose one for greater reliability and safety.

How to Download YouTube Playlist In An Easy Way?

YouTube is now the hub of videos of songs from around the world. The videos are not restricted to any particular kind of genre or country and provide users with an option to explore different videos and playlist.

But wait the problem with YouTube playlist that most users face is restriction to download videos. YouTube provides its registered users with an option to save your favourite videos as playlists but in most cases these videos cannot be downloaded and stored to your personal storage space on your phone. 

Whether you are a Windows or Mac user, you can follow the below mentioned instructions to download your favourite videos to your personal storage space. 

The simplest method of downloading your favourite videos is by copying the URL to YouTube downloader app and then click on download option.

This is simple and the easiest method to download videos. 

Some of the few benefits of downloading videos through YouTube downloader app are as follows:

Time Saving: YouTube downloader app installed in your MaC or Windows helps in downloading various videos from your playlist in less than 10 seconds. This makes it an easiest and reliable solution to download your favourite playlist.

Yet another added benefit of this downloader app is that you need not spend time in just copy pasting links of your playlist and ten trying to download tem. On the long run this copy paste job also gets tedious and time consuming and not a reliable solution to your requirement.

Follow the below mentioned steps to download your favourite playlist:
  • First download and install YouTube downloader to your Ma or Windows
  • DVDVideoSoft application an help you wit this installation process
  • The next step is to choose the video you wish to download
  • Click on the YouTube Playlist
  • Copy link from the playlist
  • Now go ahead with selecting link from the playlist (in most cases this is optional)
Once this is complete, the next step is to link on download and yes your favourite video is now on your personal device.

Now you are complete with the process of downloading and saving all your favourite movies and songs in your device with minimal efforts.

Also check How to download YouTube playlist, For more details about this. 

How Cydia Download Works And Benefits?

The term Cydia and its benefits has been earning greater customer attention in the recent years. Cydia download is a software package that helps you in identifying and choosing from thousands of websites and downloading the apps to your iOS device. 

Before getting into Cydia download it is important for you to first understand how to install Cydia into your iOS device. 

Installing Cydia is pretty simple as it can be downloaded from iStore easily. It is a third part developed software and can be installed for free. 

But wait, one important criterion here is that you need to first successfully complete jail breaking your iOS device completely or partially for you to install Cydia to your phone.

How to jailbreak and iOS device

Jail breaking in simple terms means hacking your phone and gaining instant access to apps and features that might be restricted by developers. 

Hacking your own phone is pretty simple with various apps and development ideas floating in market. To successfully jail break your phone, simply follow the instructions and its complete.

Once you have jail broken your iOS device, you can log into, the official company website to download the app and enjoy various benefits. 

With Cydia installer in your phone you get access to various devices and other applications that will be of benefit to you and help you with configuring your current device.

Issues with Jailbreaking

While jail breaking sounds fun and also beneficial, there are various factors that need your attention while jail breaking your device.
  • It is prone to malicious app and software packages which might completely harm the way your device functions
  • Losing battery life and reduction in standards of working is compromised on a jail broken device
  • Malware gets into your phone while you download certain unauthorized apps
Benefits of Cydia downloader on your device
Cydia downloader help users in getting instant access to software and other paid applications which might not be possible to download. There are apps that help you in ensuring better configuration of your phone while also making your device work for your benefit.

Currently Cydia download helps users in downloading iOS version up to 11.1. Choose the right app to jail break your device while Cydia helps you in downloading various other software that will help with better functionality of your device.

Now, another important point here is if you do not have 11.1 version Cydia on your phone, then you can simple switch to it by updating your app. 

Cydia provides for automatic update on various versions as and when new ones are launched. With each version released in market, there are also benefits accrued with it.

While previous version had option to fix unauthorized bugs, the new version has varied emojis and improvements than earlier version. 

With the 11.1 version, there are seventy new emojis that are available that users can use to showcase your mood swings. Improved bug fixing, new and improvised photos section are the few benefits that come along with this new version.

QacQoc GN28K USB C Hub Reviews

Complaining about Apple sacrificing most of the standard USB connection port that you need with the introduction of both its 2016 Mac book pro 13 and 2017 Mac book 15? 

Well, allow me to introduce a way out. The QacQoc’ GN28K USB-C Hub provides a perfect solution for a needy gadget. The hub is designed to enable you connect numerous gadgets at once to your Mac.

Design and Feature:

· Product Design

The Hub comes in a cute all-round aluminum metal case package and very handle, which makes perfect accessory for MacBook Pro13 and 15 users to carry everywhere. Plus the aluminum casing gives it a solid build that fits into the connector or ports of your MacBook pro.

· Multiple Ports

The QacQoc GN28K USB – C Hub consist of a number of USB type C ports with variant speed.

It consist of two USB type C port, one for charging and the other one for data transmission. The data transmission port supports Thunderbolt 3, up to 5k @ 60Hz video, and has a transmission speed of 40 GB/s.

Additionally it consist of two USB 3.0 ports with transfer speed of 5 GB/s, one micro SD and SD card slot that support SD/SDHC/SDXC, SD 3.0 UHS-1 with speed up to 104 MB/s, and one HDMI 4K/30hz port.

· HDMI Port

The HDMI performs multiple functions. It streams high quality video from your device to another HDMI compatible device. Now you can see a stream a movie from your hub to a laptop or television and watch high quality pictures on your screen. Or you can connect it with a projector during your presentations.

· Extra Ports

The device comes with 2 USB type C ports, 3.1 and 3.0, to ensure uninterrupted connection in case one is being affected by external disturbance.

· Pass Through Charging Slot

The device allows you to use a single cable (Thunderbolt 3) to charge your Mac whilst still powering the hub. Simply connect your cable to the DC In’ of the Hub, and this allows a pass through of the power to continue charging your Mac.

The Hub contains a heavy duty charging slot with a current output of 1.5A in its port, which ensures that you are able to connect devices with up to 2Tb of storage.


· The sleek aluminum design fits perfectly with the design of MacBook Pro and because it is very light, it can be carried anywhere

· The Hub allows for a pass through charging with its slot which makes it possible to use one cable for both Hub and MacBook pro

· The Hub contains two USB type C connectors which fits perfectly with the ports on the MacBook pro.


The Hub should have just come with either an SD card or a micro SD and not the two. The extra port could have been used elsewhere. But then if you think about it, the device has every kind of connection port you might need, so why not give an extra.


The hub comes with connection ports for MacBook pro 13, thereby solving the major problem experienced by its users. What’s more: you don’t need to download any special driver in order to install the Hub on your MacBook.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to any MacBook Pro 13 and 15 users.

Samsung: Best Android Galaxy Tab

With the invention of latest technologies, the recent trend is the development of android tablets. This is the ultimate generation upgrade which everyone was waiting for.

These are gaining much importance and attraction among business class people and students. It has so many features in it like 3G applications, wifi, FPS navigation, dongle interface, high resolution camera and has a good multimedia support through which one can listen to music, play games, watch movies etc.

The digital versions of the books can also be read by an application gadget which allows making proper utilization of time. It has become a trend and fashion to use the android tabs for most of the people.

Every mobile manufacturer is now trying to expose themselves to these android markets. Due to the heavy market competition even the prices of these android tablets are not much higher as before.

Previously people was not able to accept a 3.5 inch screen for an android tabs because it seemed much larger and not handy. But nowadays people are ready to accept even more than 5 inches as they need more effective utilization of the applications. Nowadays the design of each and every android tablet have become unique that it has a very stylish look, thin and compact with mind blowing colours. This is the best to have in the hands which gives us every latest news update.

The Samsung galaxy tab is one of the best android tab among many of the android tabs presently available. This is because the Samsung Company provides its customers not only the Android tab with best possible facilities but in the current market competition it has launched various series of android tabs at competitive prices. It has made possible for even a common man to use an android tab.

The technology is also very user friendly with the Samsung company. Samsung has developed a good technology for example its recent series has Google's latest operating system through which the users can be benefited from the enhanced performance for the web access and it also has many other advanced features by which the users can gain quick access to all Google services.

It was said in previous times by our grandmothers that you should have everything at your finger tips; Android galaxy tablet is the result of it.

Understanding The Basics Of Backconnect Rotating Proxies

Regular proxy server is a computer that communicates the requests from user seeking resources from other servers.

There is an IP address assigned to a dedicated proxy so while using a proxy that IP address matches with whatever country the proxy server is operating in and the routing port it remains the same.

So how backconnect rotating proxies is different from the usual proxies?

Backconnect rotating proxies are primarily designed to permit you the access to those search engines that have been blocking your IP address. 

However; it is rare that your IP address has been blocked by the search engines as it ensures that your IP remains active and with that it generates automatic rotation of IP address for the every single request, made every single time.

The functioning of backconnect rotating proxies is similar like the usual proxy but with definite differences. The primary variation between bacckonnect proxies and the usual proxies is that every single request is routed through a renewed IP address. With every usage, the connection keeps changing which ensures that your IP doesn’t get blocked.

The advantage of Backonnect proxies are:

· These proxies are easier to work with when made thousands of connection as it has only one IP address.

· The availability is way better when compared to what traditional proxies are offering

· These proxies offers better coverage and can pin to widespread locations easily

· Your IP address is less likely to get blocked as they are run on residential IP addresses

Why You Should Choose To Have It?

The primary reason to have backconnect rotational proxies is it lets you generate more number of requests in a single time. It provides better identity protection, as the IP address keeps changing every time you make search on the Internet hence; your browsing behaviors and practices are protected. 

It can even disguise the country location as your IP addresses keep changing to varied location offering enhanced protection.

Before you go on to buy a package it is important that you have done enough research over it. It is expensive compared to usual proxy packages. 

You can make a purchase from an authentic service provider after checking their reviews, digital certificate and how well-versed is the team in handling the customers.

Tips to Protecting Your Blog and Website from Hackers 24x7

As a website or blog owner, how do you ensure internet security? Brute force attacks and DDoS are common threats for website owners, but they aren't the only one.

Your website can be easily compromised, and you need to have a secure way of protecting it from hackers. Hacker protection is important, but the question is how do you do it?

Most of us do not monitor our website's visitor activity regularly, and this is why we do not really know how many times our website is actually attacked.

However, it is very important to protect your blogs and websites from hackers 24/7 and here are some tips to achieve just that.

1. Keep the software updated – No matter what kind of a website yow own, it is important to keep your software up to date. Keep track of all third party plugins and update them periodically. Do not use plugins that are not from trusted developers.

For instance, if you use Wordpress, you can easily get premium plugins for free from some other sites. Never install the plugins from them, as while your plugin might work perfectly, they can have malicious codes in them that can give hackers access to your site compromising on internet security. Get rid of old, unused and non-updated plugins that can be of great use to hackers when they try to enter your site.

2. Give security layers around your site – It is essential to create a security system that works for your website’s main line of defence against all kinds of hackers. Using a Web Application Firewall will help check the incoming traffic and eliminate malicious requests while protecting your website. You can even have a Firewall set up so that the main website IP is different from the Firewall IP.

3. Change passwords regularly – Hackers can very easily guess your username and password combination due to their experts in this field. Use strong passwords to reduce the limit of such attacks and also change your password from time to time to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

4. Use HTTPS – Invest a bit more to get HTTPS in your site when you are getting a WordPress website design service. It costs a little more but is entirely worth it.HTTPS or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is an extremely secure communication protocol that helps transfer important information between the web server and website. Using HTTPS will add a TLS or SSL encryption layer to your site thereby securing your data from all types of hackers.

Implement these steps today and protect yourself from becoming a soft target for malicious and expert hackers. The more secure your site, the more will your visitors trust you. Do not compromise on website internet security, ensure that you have proper hacker protection.