iPhone 6 - The Apple is Greener Yet Sweeter

Apples designer Archil Vardidze is soon going to dazzle the smart phone market with the iPhone 6 release. This time iPhone might abandon its usual rectangular shape and can be more squarish .The home button will be different and probably accommodate more operations. According to a Japanese newspaper Nikkan, Apple has joined hands with SHARP for manufacturing the LCD displays for iPhone 6.

Sharp is using p-Si LCD in which the thin film transistor (TFT) of the screen is created by silicon. 

This has allowed the glass substrate to have the display drivers assembled on it directly. This reduces the size of the TFT division, thus making a thinner LCD display possible and making iPhone 6 sleeker. 

This also increases the actual light-transmitting area (expressed in aperture ratio), thereby making the images on the screen more lively. Now, it will be even more sensitive to drawing and navigating and this will improve the fun and accuracy in touch and go game play for users.


The days of lithium ion batteries with noxious heavy metals in its makeup seems to be over as Apple in its iPhone 6 releases will be presenting the ingenious organic radical battery (ORB) which is being designed and patented by Japan's NEC. This new ORB is claimed to provide the iPhone 6 incredibly low recharge duration of close to half a minute. It is also believed that ORB battery will have a higher energy density which means a longer battery life for the same size of the battery.

Going Green

In the iPhone 6 series they will also come up with grapheme touch screen and may get rid of heavy metals in the compound's makeup. One may read more iphone reviews at popular tech sites such as Amazon.com, techradar.com, theguardian.com, and many more. 

The questionable indium tin oxide base will be replaced with an atom-dense polymer on the touch screen. Bidding adieu to the polycarbonate casing and welcoming newly engineered naturally produced plastics has made the iPhone 6 frame more bio-degradable. This is another eco friendly gesture from Apple that will certainly add to its already huge popularity. These naturally produced polymers will make it even stronger against any impacts or jerks and make it long lasting.

iPhone 6 rumours have it that in iPhone 6 apple will implement its new Changeable Topography technology. In this technology some images on the display elevate in 3D manner to highlight its significance. This is utterly going to change the way users work with their touch screen devices. When the iPhone 6 releases next year, users can themselves select what figures in the screen they want to "pop out" of the screen. The changeable topography will be smart enough to dim and "lower" the rest of the screen to enhance exactly what is being presented in 3D for Apple users.

It is also being rumoured that in iPhone 6 there can be wireless induction charging with the help of electromagnetic fields. This seems a bit revolutionary but if implemented could take away the hassles of charging through wire. The sleeker, smarter and greener iPhone 6 release is definitely going to give its competitors a tough time in the market.