Go Tech-Crazy with Blackberry Whatsapp

Whatsapp messenger is basically meant for those people who desire to chat with their kith and kin all day long. There has to be an alternative since one can send a limited number of text SMS from one`s mobile phone. With Whatsapp messenger there is no limit to chatting. One of the biggest advantages of using Whatsapp is that the user is sure to get instant replies which is doubtful in case of text messages.

One can efficiently share videos, music, images or any other data over this application. All one needs to have is a smartphone and an internet connection. 

All the contacts of one`s mobile phone are scanned and are uploaded over the internet. it simply means that as long as a contact is there in one`s address book, it will be very much shown up over Whatsapp.

There is no doubt about the fact that smartphones have made sharing faster and easier. The Whatsapp application has a pretty fast speed that acts as a multi entertainment platform. No matter what kind of file one has it can be conveniently shared with friends with the help of this splendid application.

As per BlackBerry Whatsapp reviews people state that downloading and installing files with Whatsapp is quite compatible. The ease of using this mobile phone application is getting over the nerves of gadget freaks and is turning those go nuts with hundreds of incomparable features and free cost services.

Some of the key features of Whatsapp are:
  • Easy to download and install 
  • Ultimate substitute for MMS & SMS 
  • The app is free for one year and is chargeable at very nominal rates after that 
  • Compatible with IOS, blackberry, iphone and android 
  • One can share audio clips, text messages, videos etc at a very fast pace 
  • No character limit unlike many free messaging services have.