Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone

If you can’t leave your EE contract phone alone for more than a few minutes at a time, and you feel like your world has ended if you temporarily lose your device, you aren’t alone. A new survey carried out in the U.S. has revealed that a large number of people really do seem to be addicted to their smartphones.

The survey, carried out by Harris Interactive and commissioned by the mobile security specialist Lookout and Sprint, involved asking around 1,000 Americans about how they used their smartphones.

The results were startling, as it emerged that 63 per cent of those surveyed checked their device at least once an hour, with the same number admitting that they would feel upset if they left home without their smartphone.

Even more surprisingly, the survey revealed that a small group of smartphone users (9 per cent) their smartphone every five minutes. A massive 97 per cent also admitted to rather anti-social mobile behaviour – checking their smartphone or tablet in front of family or friends.

Despite how attached we are to our mobile phones, the research also revealed that we often exhibit risky behaviour when using them. 18 per cent of those included in the survey store password information on their devices, whilst only 44 per cent have actually used a password to protect their phone. A further 26 per cent said that they weren’t aware of the risks (i.e. identity theft, viruses etc.) of clicking on unfamiliar links whilst using their smartphone.

Over in the UK, consumers’ mobile behaviour is likely to be pretty much the same as in the U.S., which will be good news to marketing firms wanting to push mobile phone contract deals on EE and other networks in time for Christmas. Our appetite for communications technology remains as strong as ever, and actually seems to increase with every new smartphone model released.

As per recent Nielsen reports, an average smartphone user has almost 41 application installed in it. The number is reported to rise by 28% in near future. It is also stated that more and more people are using smartphone applications for accessing internet rather than the traditional web browsers.

With advent android enabled smartphones, it was noted that the operating software was able to capture a major part of the market towards it. The operating system comprises of more than 800,000 applications. It is anticipated that the near future will witness Google’s play store to easily surpass the milestone of Apple. With the advancement in technologies remarkable boosts in the demand of the consumers have also been observed. 

With nearly 2 million various applications the consumers are able to have greater options of enjoyments. Somehow, developers find it difficult to the reach the end users. Stagnation in applications has been brought with such advancement. The broad consumerization of Information Technology has turned it very important for the organizations as well as developers to own a mobile first approach. With the increasing number of app users, there is an urgent requirement to reach out to people in order to consolidate the approach of the business.