iPad 3 Features and Reviews

According to the iPad 3 news, iPad 3 will be more efficient and contain extra features as compared to the iPad 2. IPad 3 is thinner and lighter in weight along with a slicker design. It will be thinner than iPad 2 around 20%.

The displaying ability of ipad 3 will support a full touch screen high definition display. The size of the screen will be 2048x1536. 

The battery of ipad 3 will be very lighter in weight which will contribute in making the tablet lighter and will have a long battery life. The cost of this battery will be higher than the other ipad batteries.

Some features of ipad 3 as mentioned by the ipad 3 news are as follows:

1- A6 processor- after the a5 chip, apple is now trying to implement a6 core processor that will help in making the ipad 3 more efficient than any high end desktop. A6 quad core processor will prove out to be more powerful than any other chipset.

2- iOS 5- ipad 3 will support the facility of multi touching gesture. It will also support multi tasking ability fir ipad 3.

3- New retina display and 3D feature- the retina display feature is modernised and improvised in ipad 3. It will also support best quality 3D display so far.

4- Fingerprint proof- the big screen of ipad 3 will be coated with oleophobic materials that will help in keeping the phone free from oil and finger prints.

5- The ipad 3 will be having a wireless charging technology. This will provide the facility of charging the battery and transferring data without attaching a cable to the phone.

Some ipad 3 news says that ipad 3 release date is expected to be near around February 2012. The date is a random one as it is expected to get released as early as possible. Ipad 3 holds a wide variety of new and exciting features. According to the ipad 3 release date, the shipment is going to take place in a month or two. ipad 3 also supports the icloud feature which is more improvised than the ipad3.