Scrap Photo Editor

Everybody like gifts, they represent affection one has for other. A gift doesn't need to be expensive to be good. A good gift is one which makes the receiver happy, it can be flowers, chocolates or some other things. Handmade gifts are very special, because it is made by you. It shows your affection and love for them. Handmade gifts are always better than gifts bought at shops. It shows the hard work done by the givers and you can made gifts according to your need, resembling something between you and the receiver's relationship.

If you want to give something to your Best friend on this Friendship Day, how about giving him/her a mug, necklace, tile or any other thing with a drawing or painting made by you. It will be special as the gift is made by you just for them. You just have a simple photo editor and it will take some creativity.

Scrap Photo Editor is a very good and simple photo editor. It is very easy to use and have simple features like Crop, Scale, Rotate and Publish. You mostly need only these features, so why pay for programs which have complex features which we even don't use? This simple photo editor has features that are very essential and it does these essentials very well. It is easy to use and best thing is that it is free. Crop: you can use crop visually or numerically as well, Scale: you can use preset sizes or you can scale yourself, Rotate: rotate your pictures visually or numerically, you can save images in different formats, make personalized gifts from your photo and you can print photos also.

You can make a special gift following...

First, draw or paint a picture for your best friend. You can draw the picture with pencils, paint or anything else. You can make a picture of anything. You can make a picture of your best friend or something else which shows that how special your Best friend is.

You have your picture, now you have to get your drawing on your computer. Best should be using a scanner, but if you don't have it you can use your camera or phone. If you need to brighten the image, then use SCRAP’s bigger brother, Relight. Load your picture on it, and adjust brightness levels. Customize you photo and make it look good.

Final step is to create the gift. Now you have your drawing on your computer, which you have edited to make it look just right. It's time to create and buy the gift for your best friend. It requires spending money but it isn't very expensive and you can create gifts according to your budget.