DF-CHARTA-01 Error: How To Fix It?

''Error retrieving information from server: [DF-CHARTA-01]” is the error that a lot of Google Play users got while trying to login. It was found that most of these users were from the US universities, with university-based accounts.

Whenever they tried accessing Google Play to download applications, this error was getting displayed. This made it difficult for students because they were unable to access Google Play at all. The issue was due to the way Google communicated with accounts within the US university educational domain.

De-activating or deleting their university accounts was not a feasible solution. So a good solution was found for this problem, with two ways to fix it.

Here are the two methods to solve this issue:

1. Switch your university account to a private account – add a new account to the Android phone, go to Google Play menu and change the settings to use the newly created account henceforth.

2. Activate Google Play for students’ accounts in administration console – you can do this only if you have an administrator account or access to it. Open the admin link in Google, https://admin.google.com, then select the ‘add account’ option. On the login page, just enter the login credentials of administrator account. The one without ‘@gmail.com’ in the end is the administrator account. Then activate the Google Play box in the ‘Application’ option.

Simply follow these steps to get rid of DF-CHARTA-01 error on your screen and you will be able to access Google Play. Now apps can be easily downloaded, while keeping your existing university accounts.