Improving Your Google SERP and Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is basically a tool that provides you the information about any particular website such as traffic together with various other stats. This is a measure of website performance by which you can easily know how popular the website is on World Wide Web.

Alexa rank is a ranking system which is generally based on the number of visitors visiting a particular site with the Alexa toolbar installed on the site. There are number of things that Alexa considers while ranking your site. These are number of visitors, page views, unique visitors, demographic locations, performance in search engines and much more.

Alexa Rank and search engine traffic can be related in many ways. The more you get the search engine traffic the more you can raise your Alexa rank. It has been seen that in about 100 bloggers and webmasters who visits your blog, 40-50 have installed the Alexa toolbar on their site. This drastically helps you in increasing your Alexa rank when you get more traffic from search engines.

Your Alexa rank can dramatically increase if you concentrate on increasing your traffic and unique content on your site. More and more valuable and compelling content you add on your site better can your Alexa rank can get. Additionally you need to concentrate on SEO which helps you gain better ranking in search engines slowly.

For enhancing your SEO results you can make use of SEO software like Rankactive. This not only helps you to check Google SERP but also help you provide many other details which is not provided by Alexa website.

Many webmasters and bloggers try to game Alexa ranking by using various tactics and tricks. Some use auto surf programs and many other uses traffic increasing way that are not genuine. This can certainly increase you Alexa rank but you may see a drop down soon because of your techniques.

I always recommended that you try out methods that are genuine and can bring quality search engine traffic to your website. With regular efforts and time you will see dramatic increase in your Alexa rank that can bring you even more traffic and money.