Important Things You Should Know About Rich Snippets

Google not only serves up links when you look for information, but you have access to related verbiage as you preview those results. That is, if Google understands the content on your pages. 

If it does, then it will create rich snippets that can include important information for web searches. We'll take a look at how these snippets work and what you can do to maximize your markups.


Rich snippets provide bits of information that can tell web searchers a bit more about your web site. The information may include an average review, the price range, a photo, even a snippet of music for a list of songs you have. Snippets are all about providing relevance at what may result in more clicks to your page.

Snippets do not always show up in with your results. You need to do your part to convey that information to Google.

Getting Rich Snippets

You have three methods for obtaining rich snippets: micro data, micro formats and RDFa. Google's preference is micro data, but you can use any of the three methods. If you understand basic HTML, then you're in good shape. You can also use Google's structured data markup helper to learn how to add micro data to your site.

When using micro data, you need to label your content to describe a particular type of information. That information may include: reviews, products, businesses and organizations, music, events, recipes and people. By using simple HTML tags such as <span> or <div> you can help Google understand your pages.

Choose Your Method

With several methods to choose from, you will want to choose the one that is right for you. Choose TML mark up if you want to control how Google understands your page. This method is also important if your site structure changes regularly and if you want other search engines to understand your markups too.

Structured data markup is important if you like to simply update your HTML markup on a page without starting over. It is also useful to help Google and the other search engines understand your pages advises SEO Geek.

Data highlighter is useful if your site displays data about events. People also choose this method if they prefer to point and click on web pages instead of writing HTML markup. If you are not able to change the HMTL markup on a site, then data highlighter is the best choice here.

Not Showing

If rich snippets are not appearing with your results, the blame may lay entirely with one of two problems: technical and quality issues. You need to look carefully through both to determine if some action on your part has caused the problem.

If the problem is technical, Google may have determined that your markup is incorrect or misleading. It may also lack proper nesting, offer scant details or Google may not be able to see the page. Moreover, if you recently updated the content, it can take a few days before snippets appear.

Google's quality guidelines could be thwarting your efforts too. If you fail to follow Google's usage guidelines or if the content is hidden from your users, it may not appear within the snippets. You should also ensure that the marked-up content is representative of the main content of the page.

Rich Snippets

Making use of rich snippets will give you better control over your website and the search engine results pages. You want to be as visible as possible online and rich snippets will allow you to do that.