Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your First E-Bike

Ebikes are in trend these days. The basic benefits of e-bikes are higher range, wind resistance and climbing efficacy. If you are suffering from issues such as knee pain or asthma, then ebike can breathe new life into your cycling experience.

Ebikes like Dyu Smart Bike D1 can be a great way to convince your spouse or kids to join for a ride and get some fresh air. Electric bikes render some amazing benefits in comparison to traditional ones.

But, when you thinking to buy one you have a wide range of ebikes to select from! Take a look at some of the points that you should consider before purchasing an electronic bike:

1. Playground

Ebikes are designed for different purpose and different riders. It depends on you to choose which is important for you and what’s not and then state it to the retailer. 

You have so many models, so firstly you need to figure out where you want to ride the bike most commonly.

E-bikes are geared according to the type of activities you want like trail riding, child transport, street biking, traveling, cargo hauling, commuting and mountain biking. You need to ask yourself about your preferred playground and then purchase your bike.

2. Type of drive

E-bikes are of two types. The most common one is known as pedelec. It tracks pedaling of the rider and adds a specific motor assistance depending on the speed, rate and force. The second type is twist and go. Here you have a switch which the rider uses to trigger the motor assistance.

3. Motor mount

You have two types of motors. It may be mounted on the wheels or at the pedal area and crank or at the frame bottom. It means the e-controls have a sensor to detect your pedaling and measure the assistance consequently. The crank support bikes do well on steep hills.

4. Battery

Lithium-ion batteries power e-bikes. The costlier e-bikes make use of hi-tech batteries which are lighter, last more and charge quickly. Batteries degrade with time. The battery quality does make a difference, so make sure you get it from reputed manufacturer. Fully charged lithium batteries last around 700 cycles.

5. Range

The distance an electric bike can cover in one battery charge is known as range. It is one of the most significant specifications. If your biking includes a big hill, you do not want to end up half way. The range relies on your battery capacity, weight, speed, your pedaling power and the assistance level chosen.

6. Price

Good electric bikes aren’t inexpensive. You may go for a basic model, but it won’t be any good to you in the long run. An average bike with top notch frames, suspension, efficiently functional brakes and other equipment is pricey. 

Remember that, when purchasing a best ebike, you need to spend more on the motor. Do not be scared by the higher price, the better the bike, the more it will last.

Lastly, you should definitely go for a test ride. Your test ride will help you finalize your electric bike and then you can surely get it home.