Ways To Speed Up Your Windows XP Computer Faster For Free

Although Windows XP is not much in use today, but those of you who still want to use it can speed up using some techniques. You can actually increase the speed of your Windows XP computer by following a few simple tips.

Here we discuss about the ways to speed up your Windows XP computer faster, while maintaining its efficiency and keeping your privacy.

Take spyware away

Spyware is a program collecting your personal data without asking you. Websites that you login using user name and password, spyware can put your confidential data at risk.

Besides, it can also hamper your system performance. But, there are ways to fight spyware such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, and many other free programs that help you remove any detected malware or infection in your PC.

Increase access to computer data

Dividing disks actually slows the entire performance of your PC. When you fragment files, system needs to search the whole hard disk to determine whether a file is opened and if it is so, it pieces it back together.

Hence, you may need to wait a bit more for your system to respond. Use Disk Defragmenter and Optimize Drives to merge fragmented files on your system’s hard disk. Hence, you can keep each file at one space on the disk. When you store your files neatly, without division, reading and writing to the disk will be accelerated.

Empty the disk space

There are Disk Cleanup tools helping you empty space on your system’s hard disk and thus, improving the overall performance of your PC. They identify each file, so you can safely delete or choose to delete some or all files.

Monitor and fix disk errors

File integrity must be checked on the hard disk using Error Checking tools. Long time use of computer hard drive can produce bad sectors, which slow down the system performance and even make data writing difficult or impossible.

Error Checking tools examine the hard drive for bad sectors and file system errors for checking whether any files or folders are lost. People who use computer every day must use this tool once a week to help prevent data loss.

Upgrade to latest version

Even after applying all the above remedies are you still suffering from slow performance of your system? Then you must think about upgrading your windows version to the latest one.

Know more about ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is compatible with most Windows versions such as Windows 8, 7 or Vista. This tool will help you speed up your system performance. It is a new method in adding memory to the PC and lets you use non-volatile flash memory such as memory card or USB flash drive for enhancing performance without adding additional memory. In Windows 8 version, there is a storage gadget that will work with this tool.


Applying these tips will help speed up your system performance by at least 50%. Moreover, you can earn a higher performance without increasing Memory Ram or updating the CPU. These ways are free and easy to apply.

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