Verispellis Skis: An Innovative HiTech Design To Change Legacy Of Ski Diving

Ever wondered about technology driven skiing boards? Yes, it is time to think about it, you are on skiing schedule and wish you could adjust your skiing performance in an instant. Now this could be due to changing snow and different skiing conditions.

If you wish to explore how to use technology driven ski boards, then Verispellis skis is your destination. We have come up with a revolutionary model of skiing board that helps you to adjust your intensity and speed with the help of your smart phone.

Design: The idea of redesigning a pair of skis to handle different conditions paved way towards making of Verispellis skis. The initiative was to ensure make skis softer and stiffer that could handle soft and rough snow type easily. 

This ski board was initially designed and tested for different types of snow and conditions using finite elements. Once the testing phase was complete, then it was launched for niche customers who wanted to explore skiing on different conditions. 

How this Verispellis skis work?

As suggested earlier, this ski board is technology driven and you need a smart phone carried along while you are trying Verispellis skis. There is an ion lithium battery pack that is placed on this ski board. The board can be connected to your smart phone through a Bluetooth device. 

You need to first turn on these electrons which in turn activates the heating elements and switch the battery on. This is when Bluetooth comes to your help. The battery can be switched on and off with the help of your smart phone.

The difference in skiing is as mentioned below:

When the heat is turned off, then the ski board can help you with enjoying standard stiffness as the nitinol is not heated and improves flexibility. However, once the nitinol is turned on then it increase the core a little adjusting the board to different snow condition and making you capable of running through this pace at ease.

To make it even more exciting, we provide our customers with an option to include this nitinol strips anywhere in the ski board. This way client can ensure that they gain better pace and enjoy every moment of their adrenalin rush. The stiffness of board can be aligned either in shovel or tail or as per combination as interested by client.

This change in heat and performance of ski board is controlled with electronics that are placed in a low profile controller box. The changes provided as input through your smart phone is read and then performance is altered. 

Another way of enjoying your ski diving on rough snow is by switching on an off these electrons in different parts. This can change the stiffness of board based on climatic conditions and your preference and style of skiing.

The idea of Verispellis ski board took off and was appreciated by everyone in the industry. This is an innovative concept and we believe that this has the potential to change the legacy of ski diving.

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